Sample Content: A Legal Notice

This is not a content meant for marketing. However I believe that a marketer should be able to draft any kind of copy - even a legal notice such as this one which I had drafted on my client's request.

A Legal Notice I had drafted the below legal notice to help a very noted artist from India to address a copyright infringement issue. I ran this through a lawyer before sending it to the defendant. The lawyer found the legal notice well drafted, and did not make a single correction. My client was able to peacefully resolve the issue using this document. -Shantanu.

To, Ms. Defendant, Director, Copycat Institute, New Delhi.

Ms. Copycat,

You would recall that on January 5, 2018, you had sought permission from artist Mr. ABC to use the track titled ‘…….’ from his musical album ‘……’ at your dance performance. You had used this track for your performance at ‘……venue’, New Delhi on January 21, 2018. When the permission was granted, you were explicitly restricted from any further use of the track and seek permission for all occasions before use of the track for any purpose. You had also agreed that you would not make any further use of the track without prior permission from him.

However, recently it has been brought to our notice that you have again used the said track at occasion(s) apart from the one Mr. ABC had granted permission for. As you already know, the copyright to the track belongs to Mr. ABC and you did not seek his permission for using the track for this performance. This amounts to unauthorized use of his musical track and violation of his copyright. Further it is imperative to acknowledge and give due credit for an artist’s creation when their work is being used. Having not done so, it is a clear breach of trust granted and enjoyed amongst the performing artists’ fraternity. This is also an infringement of copyright under the Copyright Act, 1957. It is needless to state that blatant use of an artist’s life-time of work for one’s own commercial gain does not augur well for one’s reputation in the art circle.

In order to remedy the said breach of copyright, you are hereby asked to take the following remedial measures to satisfactorily address our grievance, restore trust and for continuing to maintain a cordial professional relationship.

1. Acknowledge the receipt of this email communication and give a signed undertaking that you will not repeat the violation in future.

2. Immediately stop usage of any of Mr. ABC’s musical tracks in any of your activities including but not limited to training, performances, background music in events etc.

3. Provide a list of all the performances, training sessions, talks, etc. where you have made use of the tracks belonging to him.

4. Reach out to all the organizers, journalists, critics, writers associated with these performances and ensure that they acknowledge Mr. ABC’s composition of the said track in all of their electronic i.e. all forms of online communications such as online articles, blog posts, videos posted online, etc. Please ensure that such inclusions are made in any printed material going out with reference to these performances as well.

5. Offer a consideration for commercial use of Mr. ABC’s. Should you require permission to further use of his track, obtain an express written permission from him and offer a one-time consideration for future use.

In the interest of continuing this professional relationship, we look forward to your cooperation in this regard.

Regards, Artist Mr. ABC, Bangalore.

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