Content Marketing

This section is about producing and distributing content to drive awareness and get traffic to your website.

The Bare Bones of Content Marketing

There is too much content out there on content writing itself (about 2,01,00,00,000 results in Google search as on Aug'20) 😱 , and I just added this post to it 😊

However it is not a rocket science. Ultimately it comes down to:

  • accurately identifying what content to produce.

  • do 'deep work' and produce content which is worthy of distributing.

  • place it on your website and distribute on suitable channels.

  • optimize it (seo) as per the channel's characteristics.

  • engage with relevant responses, add value in relevant conversations.

  • measure what's working and what's not.

  • repeat !

[ for the sake of continuity, this block is here and elsewhere. ]

Good Content First, Distribution Later.

"Distribution trumps product" - you might have heard this wisdom in startup circles. Don't apply mental models incorrectly to content marketing. Avoid lining up paid distribution channel first and then worrying of producing high-value content. You will end up paying for distribution mediocre content.

Your boss pushes you to close a paid newsletter deal with an industry media portal (because he sees a competitior's presence there), and when the deadline arrives to submit, content writers are forced to deliver mediocre content to meet the deadline. Sounds familiar? Yes good distribution will make even an average product or content thrive, but don't take the idea too far. First create high-value and useful content; you can't run away from that.

Experiment with Non-Gated Content.

Points to consider about gated content:

  • Busy people hate filling in those forms, provide fake information, and filter out / mark spam the follow-up drip campaigns in mail boxes.

  • Marketing automation softwares have becoming smarter everyday to gather rich data about your leads without they filling these forms every time.

Here is an interesting post by the CEO of Drift on this topic. Of course the view is biased since it promotes use of chat bots (conversational marketing) to engage leads.

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