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Marketers at small firms often draft PR releases or coordinate with PR agencies to shape those. Here is an example of non-corporate PR release. | This item would later be shifted under PR channel.

A PR Note Had drafted this PR release for an international artist to pitch him to a noted English newspaper. - Shantanu.


Bengaluru’s bansuri students learn finger techniques and style of the legendary flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia from his senior disciple.

Artist Shri ABC, the senior disciple of the legendary artist has been travelling over the year to spread this knowledge and kindle the love of Hindustani Classical music among the masses.

Shri ABC is on tour in Bengaluru and would be conducting further training workshops to be announced soon. It is his passion for educating sincere seekers of bansuri (Indian flute) about the style and practice of xyz Gharana. In his role as the Director – Music at XYZ Academy, the performing arts wing of XYZ University, of which he was the founding member as well, Shri ABC is based out of New Delhi. To make himself accessible to students yearning to learn from him, he has been travelling across India.

Shri ABC learned under the able guidance of Hariprasad ji for over thirteen years and was at his master’s gurukul in Mumbai for over five years. That rigorous training convinced him that nothing beats the experience of learning in the physical presence of a master. However not every seeker gets an opportunity to devote such long periods of study. Hence Shri ABC started delivering workshops by travelling. He has observed that his physical workshops not only re-kindles the commitment of students towards their art, but also helps them dive deeper during group studies.

In one of his recently concluded workshops at Bengaluru, students learned finger techniques like Sapaat, Murki, Meend and Gamak. The workshop also covered techniques on creating Taans and Thiyaas over raga Vrindabani and Bhairav. Over 19 intense hours of training, the workshop covered in detail various aspects such as the improvisation in the Hindustani Classical music, special practice of Rhythm and the essence of Riyaz. Experienced students not only from Bengaluru, but also from Chennai, Kerala and Coimbatore travelled to Bengaluru to attend the workshop.

In line with his commitment to create awareness and love for the Hindustani Classical music among the masses, Himanshu ji is also performed at a public concert wherein noted Hindustani Classical vocalist Ms. PQR (Gwalior and Agra gharana) performed Raga Puriya Dhanashree. Shri ABC recited Raag Maru Bihag, and Hamsadhwani on the flute. The concert ended on a melodious jugalbandi over the bhajan “Vaishnava jana toh…”. The audience witnessed Shri ABC’s unique style of quietude and subtlety that attempts to convey music as a means of a spiritual journey within. Shri ABC quoted, “Being a techie, while I was a visiting faculty at IIT Mumbai, I would often look for excuses to visit the Silicon Valley of India – the city of Bengaluru. After all these years, not my education in computer science but rather my flute technology has brought me to Bengaluru which continues to welcome artists from across the world”. -end-

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