Objectives and Channels

Channels and Initiatives List

Once we know our target, here are channels and initiatives to achieve marketing objectives.

Click on the image below to see how 4 marketing objectives and few other tasks which can be distributed / led under 3 main marketing expertise i.e. product marketing, demand generation, and brand marketing. This structure should sustain and accomodate a growing marketing function without causing chaos.

Then see the below list of channels and initiatives under each of the 4 marketing objectives.

Categorising channels gets blurry if categorised as paid, earned, own, organic, inorganic, inbound, outbound, etc. - the jargon. Instead use the below table - far easier to understand and use.

[ Click on individual tabs ]

  • Offline ads [ this should be under Brand and Awareness ]

  • Direct mail.

  • Paid ads:

    • Ad platforms:

      • Google Ads

      • LinkedIn ads

      • Facebook ads

      • Instagram ads

      • Native content ads

    • Retargeting

    • Other aspects that go with paid ads:

      • Ad copy and creatives

      • Landing pages

      • Ad optimisation

Via Product / Website

  • SEO [includes content marketing].

    • On-page optimization - technical and content.

    • Offline optimization - content marketing.

      • Manual link outreach.

      • Automated link outreach.

      • Broken link outreach.

      • HARO.

      • Guest posting.

  • ASO.

  • ☛ Growth loops.

  • Widgets, free tools, games, quizzes, calculators, browser plugins.

  • Webinars, virtual events:

    • Webinars, virtual events. [ need to source speakers, email market] [tricky ]

    • Offline micro events (product demos via customers)


  • Onboarding flow

  • Conversion tracking

  • User surveys

Sales Focused (Marketing's intervention required)

  • Platform integrations [ a big effort in itself].

  • Affiliate programs (could go with bloggers, influencers)

  • Offline micro events (product demos via customers).

  • Referral programs

Channels Excluded:

  • Outbound Sales - excluded out of 'sales focused' demand gen channels, since this is a fairly independent channel.

  • Busines Development: Partnerships, re-sellers not included since these are sales driven channels.

How to Decide on Channels?

  • Can I target my accounts via this channel?

  • Will this channel allow me to send a personalised message? Mostly, yes. Find that tech, vendor.

  • Can you reach multiple stakeholders within an account via that channel? But this also means that your campaigns need to be multi-channel.

  • Budget

  • Which programs/channels contributed the most to the revenue and not just MQLs and SQLs?

  • Comparative analysis of channels and ranking them in order of effectiveness.

[ This is from the perspective of ABM; source: Chris Golec ]


Notes before I forget; will plug-in elsewhere in the book:

  • Method to re-activate or re-sell : Conduct a survey among that specific audience. Ask questions "what's your plan this season?" "What's your challenge to do ....' and couple of other questions. Answers will tell you who is ready to buy now, and what are their challenges. Use this information when you / sales person reaches out to them.

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