Useful information on this major channel.

Own, large, yearly customer events:

For a 200-300 person event in the US, the total spend could be in the range of US $250k - US $500k. Your firm can seek sponsorship from your vendors to offset the cost. Even your customers can sponsor the event provided you take care of any conflicts.

I remember, a major food delivery unicorn in India had sought sponsorship from from one of their vendors for its own tech event in Dec 2019. Since the unicorn was an important logo for the vendor, spending on sponsorship seemed okay to maintain that relationship. - Shantanu

These events serve multiple purposes:

  • Reinforce and build the brand.

  • Create upsell opportunities by introducing new products, features, alliances.

  • Build stronger customer relations, reduce churn.

  • Build relations with external stakeholders, advocate, champions, influencers, experts.

  • Generate a ton of content in terms of panel discussions, white papers, social media buzz, interviews, articles, news reports.

Own, smaller, frequent prospect events:

These events can be used to:

  • Engage product users or customer champions to demo how they use your product.

  • Attract prospects and engage leads and opportunities.

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