Go-to-market [enterprise]

Marketing framework for enterprise marketers to market products in the introduction stage.

Product marketing team is covered here: Foundation > Marketing Team > Product Marketing.

This is a mere draft of a GTM plan for a SAP application; this is far from perfect...yet! Quite a lot of stuff to be added here. Hope to revisit this page soon.

The Product

A Brief Note

Taskbox is a workflow and task management app for enterprise customers. This document outlines the product messaging and a brief go to market plan for the app. A complimentary dummy website can be visited at this link:

Value Proposition

For the line managers operating in mid to large size enterprises, Taskbox is a single application unifying workflows and tasks across multiple systems, which helps managers and their teams execute hundreds of business processes effortlessly, because Taskbox is built by passionate people experienced in building 400+ digital applications deployed for varied industries across the world.

Why now?

Rapidly evolving technologies have made the utopia of - one single, unified system, gradually scaled up, and perfectly serving every aspect of the business - extinct. The business software landscape is complex and businesses have adopted multiple systems over a period of time. This has translated into systems running in silos, unconnected data sets, and undue inefficiencies creeping in causing increased costs and pressure on business resources. The time to have - an application providing a unifying view and a single place of execution - is now.


One inbox for all your enterprise work.

Stop draining your energy sifting through multiple inboxes. Now integrate all your software systems, and execute hundreds of business processes with SLAs and corresponding tasks from one unifying application. Easily integrates with SAP and non-SAP source systems.


Stress-free People

  1. SLA based, intelligent ‘due tasks’ notifications. Get out of ‘everything-is-a-priority’ trap.

  2. Unified view of tasks in one Inbox. That’s fewer tabs open on your computer. Breath free!

  3. Delegate tasks and take actions in bulk. Make time for tasks that truly need your expertise.

Complexity-free Processes

  1. Get easy-to-understand analytics to measure performance across processes.

No more manual analysis in spreadsheets.

  1. Want to override the notifications and choose tasks? No problem. Use the universal search.

  2. Available as a web and a mobile app; works in offline mode too. Get stuff done anywhere.

Error-free Execution

  1. Set up multiple rules, and SLAs for hundreds of processes. One rulebook to rule all.

  2. Smart workload management with ML powered suggestions. Less stress, less errors!

  3. Automate tasks with RPA bots - our inbuilt programs that take the ‘mundane’ out for lunch. 😎

Go To Market (Brief Outline)


Set up media monitoring

  • Use Google Alerts and/or enterprise tools such as Meltwater for media monitoring.

  • Prepare a competition handbook with all the relevant details (captured over a period of time and continually updated) which will come in handy for sales enablement.

Warm up sales channels

  • Align existing account management structure to roll out the product.

  • As a ‘SAP PartnerEdge Silver Partner’, warm up the support which can be leveraged by sales.

Mobilize sales enablement

  • Create product training for the sales team. Educate on the Taskbox’s core value proposition, buyer personas, decision making process, possible objections, FAQs, key selling points, pricing and financials involved. 
This can be structured into a battlecards if required.

  • Prepare white-papers to be used by sales during customer interactions. Possible topics can be on the lines of ‘productivity loss due to multiple systems’, ‘why organisations are unable to come up with innovations (because the workforce is drained in meaningless tasks)’.

  • Create sandbox environment to get hands-on with Taskbox, plus to demo it to prospects.

  • Additionally, offer briefing to finance and legal teams. Take inputs if any at this stage.

Soft Launch

Outreach to analysts, experts

  • Identify and reach out to analysts, experts, and conference speakers to offer product briefings and demonstrations. Build relationships with these advocates who would be critical in the early days of selling Taskbox. These could be people from Incture’s existing customers who are considered as experts in the industry.

  • Use these relationships to solicit meetings with the relevant audience at target prospects. Leverage the buzz they may create via their blogs, citations, and speaking at conferences.

Empower evangelists

  • At ‘SAP Partners’, tap into relevant people who can evangelize Taskbox internally at SAP and thereby influence marketing and PR to include Taskbox in their ongoing outreach programs.

Early adopters

  • Turn them into advocates with successful implementation. Later, present results with granular data to produce trustworthy customer success case studies.

Evaluation Phase

Take a stock of things

  • Re-visit the market understanding.

  • Articulate Taskbox’s product offering, messaging

  • Refine ideal customer profile for launch.

  • Refine list of target accounts.

  • Articulate the marketing budget with support from finance.

Build case studies

Basis results with early adopters, create case studies with granular level data. The case studies may include facts and figures on evaluation criteria used by customers such as meeting process benchmarks, process errors, workload per employee, customer ratings, cycle time from request to delivery, etc.

Update the website

  • Add case studies and testimonials, video interviews based on success with early adopters.

  • Create and add a new set of white-papers with more accurate market analysis, industry pain points and a longer term view.

  • Add more elaborate product sheets / product pages.

Digital Marketing Readiness

  • Implement on-page SEO.

  • Enable web analytics reports with goals set up on relevant pages.

  • Establish lead capturing, and CRM integration.

  • Establish process of lead qualification and hand-over to sales teams.


Events and Awards

  • Identify relevant industry awards and file nominations [need to be done well in advance].

  • Identify speaking engagements during the events. Include Taskbox’s customers in presentations; that’s a far more authentic way.

  • Consider ‘launch event’ or ‘trade events’ – own or third-party. Pre-arranged meetings during these third party events can have experts, existing customers speaking on their experience with Taskbox, industry challenges and product demo.

Content Marketing

  • Use emails and paid ads to bring traffic to the website. Content offers such as downloading earlier created white-papers, case studies and webinars on Taskbox. Offer webinars with locally relevant (not just global) thought leadership content.

  • Consider exclusive emailers to key clients.

Analysts and experts

  • Re-engage them. Get the experts to write thought leadership papers that discuss issues critical to target audience and validate the problems that is addressed by Taskbox.

  • Work closely with the analysts to get the solution featured in analyst reports.

Industry publishers

  • Identify relevant industry publisher’s and utilize their subscription lists. Work with them on co-branded direct marketing programs.

  • Participate in white-paper placement opportunities.

Fire up the PR Engine

  • Contribute articles to trade publications.

  • Carry out original research and offer exclusives to relevant media outlets. Find clients who would love to be in the story.

Customer success events

  • Periodic local media placements. [this would be expensive though].

  • Celebrate and well publicize signing up of new prospects and implementation milestones for clients.

Social media campaigns

  • Launch targeted paid campaigns on social media primarily on LinkedIn. Measure the campaign success with metrics associated with content consumption and lead maturity.

  • Engage influencers to write content on the social media platforms.

Again, this is a mere draft of a GTM plan for a SAP application; this is far from perfect...yet! Quite a lot of stuff to be added here. Hope to revisit this page soon.

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