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Email sent to members of an online community introducing them to a paid product. Challenge - communities thrive on voluntary contributions; members don't want things being sold to them.

Had drafted this email for one my clients. The email was sent to members of <community1> - an online community for professionals in the niche domain of Data Science and Product Management. The challenge was to craft a communication without losing the essence of a close-knit community, and yet introduce a paid product of <the acquiring co.> which acquired <community1>.

This is a rather long-form email; setting up the right tone and context was important. All the emails were sent in pure text format to avoid any spam attribution and keep it simple. The email resulted in quite a good amount of registrations for the webinar. -Shantanu.

Hi Richa,

If you have only 1 minute to spare 😀 then quickly scroll down to the bottom and register for a webinar that we are facilitating. It is a detailed discussion on establishing yourself as a Product Manager very effectively by going through a structured program. Webinar will be delivered by an internationally known, executive-training expert.


If you have 5 more minutes to spare 😀 then read on:

Establishing yourself in the Product Management discipline is not easy. Given its applicability in the new age technology businesses – be it startups, mid-size or large enterprises – more and more employers want to hire Product Managers who have acquired an in-depth experience and well refined frameworks to solve immediate problems at hand. On top of it, Product Management truly is a multi-disciplinary function interacting not just with with the engineering, but also with sales, marketing, and all other functions within a business. This calls upon a broad range of skills, experiences, frameworks which a professional must apply in unorganised and fast-paced business environments. Now learning this discipline purely basis one’s own experience, if not impossible, is definitely time consuming and filled with trials and errors.

That’s where a formal training program in Product Management at a global level comes into picture. Those of you, who are aware about our recent joining with <the acquiring company>, would know that <community1> will not just continue to remain a super-active community for Product Management professionals, but will also continue to engage you all at a much deeper level – by being a true partner in your careers of tomorrow. This means presenting you with the best of the options out there to grow.

With this same mission in mind, <the acquiring co.> has been creating big waves in India by making world-class certification programs available to professionals, especially in the discipline of Product Management. It has recently joined hands with Great University to offer its well structured, world-class certification program in the discipline of Product Management for professionals in India. Great University is an education provider which The Financial Times ranked in the top # for the 19th consecutive year in ‘2019 custom executive education rankings’. Great University is ranked #2 worldwide and is the #1 provider headquartered in Russia.

In relation to this, <the acquiring co.> will be airing a webinar with an internationally known executive-training expert, best-selling business book author and a business executive Ms. Peggy Oslon, who is the Managing Director for Great University in the USA. Ms. Peggy Oslon is a best-selling business author and an experienced faculty member. She has co-authored several books, including A Great Book (2007); Another Great Book (English, Russian, Chinese editions 2008 – 2014); and Yet Another Great Book (English, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese editions 2011 – 2015).


The Webinar:

Join the webinar and understand - from an international authority on executive-education, best-selling business author and faculty member Ms. Peggy Oslon - a clear path in becoming a successful Product Manager, and the This Great University certification program in Product Management.

When: Saturday, Month, Date, Year, Time.

Where: This is an online webinar

Prior Registration: Interested folks can register by clicking <this link>. The link to join the webinar will be emailed directly to you after you fill up the registration form.

For any queries, feel free to email us back at this ID.



Team @ <community1>,

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