Lead Flow

What is the lead flow? What are targets related to that flow? This has impact on how you set up your marketing automation as well.

Lead Generation Flow

Acquisition is triggered in two ways:

  1. Growth loops [falls under "growth marketing"]

  2. Sales funnel

Excluding email / blog subscribers here who need to be nurtured separately.

Growth loops

[ Refer to 'Growth Loops' section under 'Growth Marketing'.]

Here, the lead flow and measurement is straight forward:

  • identify the possible growth loops basis user data.

  • take actions to trigger steps in the growth loop.

  • measure success of achieving each of the objectives.

Sales Funnels

A lead enters the funnel due to efforts on two fronts:

  1. Outbound sales.

  2. Marketing programs (which may include growth loops mentioned above).

Leads via Outbound Sales

  • SDR (sales development rep) runs outbound campaigns using targeted emails, LinkedIn messages and tele-calls.

    • to generate leads

    • and qualify generated leads [ "do they fit the ILP - ideal lead profile?"]

  • These qualified leads are passed on to Account Executives (AEs)

    • to convert leads into opportunities.

    • and to convert opportunities into customers.

SDR-AE Lead Flow

Outbound campaign by SDR ---> Lead generated and qualified by SDR ---> Lead assigned to AE ---> converted to an Opportunity ---> converted to a Customer.

Leads via Marketing Programs

  • uses two sources:

    • Earned attention - content marketing, word-of-mouth etc.

    • Bought attention - paid ads, sponsorships, etc.

  • to bring two sets of leads:

    • (*) those who need sales intervention to convert - large enterprise accounts.

    • (>) self-serving - who convert without sales intervention.

  • using two doors to enter sales funnel:

    • (*) 'book a demo' form which is a request to 'connect me to sales' - those who need sales intervention.

    • (>)'sign-up' page - let me do it myself - self-serving leads.

  • but these leads may choose to enter wrong doors:

    • (*) enterprise customers may click on sing-up page.

    • (>) self-serving customers may ask for sales meeting.

  • and hence they are separated out basis company size or put back to relevant doors.

  • and given to either:

    • an Account Executive (AE) to convert. Goes to 'SDR - AE Lead Flow' (see above).

    • or worked upon by Marketing to convert via emails, app notifications, etc.

Outbound lead or marketing leads which don't get converted into customers are nurtured via 'stay-in-touch' campaigns. And whenever they show signs of 'ready-to-purchase', then they are put back into the sales funnel:

  • for AEs to re-contact (enterprise leads)

  • for Marketing to prompt product usage (self-serving leads).

This is applicable when the website offers product version applicable to enterprise as well as individual customers.

Math and Metrics

Revenue targets, SQL required, marketing budget

[original file link; you can view and comment]

Marketing Plan Templates

[ There is some good stuff that I have used in past which I wish to share. For now, refer to individual 'Marketing Frameworks'. ]

Marketing teams spend 5-10% of ARR on programs (non-headcount expenses), and this is pretty consistent across ARR. A US $5-20M ARR company typically spends US $1M in marketing programs. [source].

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