Sample Referral Communication

A sample referral mailer drafted for a test-prep company (education sector).

Here is an example of a referral mailer drafted for an institute which offering a test-prep courses to MBA program entrance tests. Keep following points in mind whenever you draft a referral communication:

  • Explain your customers the type of referrals you want.

  • Give logical and emotional reasons on why your business should be referred to.

  • Offer incentives - forward only or both ways. [see this page for explanation].

  • Have your customer contact the referral to handover the referral.

  • Make your referral incentive appear exclusive and time bound.

  • Don’t burden your customers with a condition of their referral buying something.

Perfect your referral communication as per the feedback that you get. Of course, use a powerful creative – be it an electronic or print mailer, before you send it across.


The Letter

[For CAREER UNIVERSAL Students Only]

Dear Student,

You are enrolled with CAREER UNIVERSAL and are zealously preparing with us for your MBA entrance tests. Everyday, the Center Manager is ensuring that you receive quality inputs from the faculty and you remain motivated during your studies with us. Now as you are busy with your studies, do you remember how you came to know about CAREER UNIVERSAL? You will realize that 95% of the time it was your friend, your senior or elder sister/brother or distant cousin who was enrolled with CAREER UNIVERSAL suggested you to enroll as well. Now it’s your turn!

There are many of your friends, pals or just-know-her type of buddies, who you know are kind of lost, unsure or are literally making wrong choices when it comes to preparing for MBA entrance tests. And you sure want to help and bring them on board with you. After all, it is always beneficial to team-up with someone you are comfortable with and prepare towards a common goal. Here is an opportunity for you to do just that.

Give the following coupon to your college friend. Be selective though! Once, your friend shows up at the Center with this coupon he/she will get a detailed counseling, patient answering to all his/her career related queries and he/she also get to attend 7 days of classroom training at CAREER UNIVERSAL. That translates to 14 hours for 1 week at a shot, with complete training on roughly 3 full concepts in Math or English, which is worth Rs.1200/- for FREE, that too even if he decides not to enroll with CAREER UNIVERSAL. To further motivate your friend to study with you, we will buy him his CAT or any 1 Indian b-school application form of his choice for FREE upon his enrollment at CAREER UNIVERSAL.

We are sure that you know whom to give this coupon. But be CAREFUL that you DO NOT give this coupon to your friends who are already enrolled with other training institutes or are certainly NOT looking forward to MBA entrance test training. This is to ensure that you do not look awful in front of your friends and they do not treat your gesture casually. Remember, you are offering them a chance to receive some classes for free and these are the same classes for which an enrolled student like YOU has paid the course fee. Make sure, they realize its value and respect what you are offering them. And that’s the reason we are giving you only 2 coupons. Be selective!

Now, since you are helping the Center Manager to maintain his fitness (more the no. of students enrolling at the center, more he moves, and more happy and healthy he stays!), we will put in some money in your (or your dad’s) pocket. If your friend enrolls with CAREER UNIVERSAL, we will buy you your CAT application form PLUS any 2 Indian b-school application forms of any value! And just to alarm you – your b-school application cost would be around 45% of the fee which you have paid for the entire CAREER UNIVERSAL program. So even if 1 of your friends enrolls through your reference, you end up saving 50% of that cost. And in a way, you are increasing your chances of getting into a good b-school without worrying about the application costs. Sounds cool?

Here is the coupon at the bottom. Remember, it’s for your select friends only!

Best Wishes! CAREER UNIVERSAL. -end of letter –

The Student Referral Coupon

[Only for student referred by CAREER UNIVERSAL Students]

Dear Student, Your friend Ms. ABCD having CAREER UNIVERSAL ID 07A2345 is keen to provide this coupon to you. Approach the CAREER UNIVERSAL center near you, present this coupon and you get to attend 7 days of training at CAREER UNIVERSAL which translates to 14 hours of training worth Rs.1200/- for FREE. There is more! In case you choose to enroll with CAREER UNIVERSAL and study with your friend, we will buy you, your CAT form for FREE and to return his/her favor your friend also get to save cost on his b-school application. Visit the nearest CAREER UNIVERSAL center and present this coupon BEFORE 28-September-20xx.


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